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I love references. Tantalus, tell the kids I said hi — oh, wait. So I waited until the end of the Vonnegut lineup to read Breakfast of Champions , just like Rachel told me. Here is what I think: this is a piece of work. Pieces of work can be a lot more rewarding than just plain old works.

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We kind of have three protagonists going here: Dwayne Hoover, a car salesman who is slowly going insane; Kilgore Trout, our favorite oddball sci-fi author; and Kurt Vonnegut, our favorite real-world author. These guys bump into each other and into other people, wondering what on earth has made them all come to this.

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But then I consulted a copy of The Vonnegut Encyclopedia , written and compiled by the incomparable Marc Leeds, and realized that there are Vonnegut references galore in this piece of work. There were also references to Breakfast of Champions made in later Vonnegut works.

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Here are all the links I managed to find:. And now I think I do.

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For example, Kurt dedicated this book to someone who was kind to him when he was a child. She hired him to write advertising copy about teenage clothes, which he then had to wear. She taught him, as he said, the value of being impolite. Wheaties chooses Thorpe.

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After the three guitarists whipped themselves into a frenzy with numbers such as Breakfast of Champions and Empty Sign Up Sheet, we began to get the real picture. Best known as "The Breakfast of Champions ," General Mills' Wheaties has had American sports icons gracing the front of its familiar orange boxes for the past 75 years. Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr. Ulster champ brings home the bacon Strongman Sean set for comp. Vonnegut and Hemingway; writers at war.

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The Breakfast of Champions will take place on Wednesday, May 24, , at a. National City Afterschool Summit to highlight vital municipal role. He terrifies his employee at the Pontiac agency, Harry LeSabre , by criticizing his clothes.

LeSabre is afraid Hoover has discovered that he is a closet transexual. Then he gets in a fight with his mistress and secretary, Francine Pefko because he accuses her of asking him to buy her a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise. Trout and Hoover meet in the cocktail lounge of the new Holiday Inn, where Hoover's homosexual and estranged son, Bunny, plays the piano. When the bartender turns on the black lights and Trout's white shirt glows brilliantly, Hoover is entranced by it.

The premise of the novel is that there is only one creature with free will in the universe the reader of the novel and everyone else is a robot. Hoover interprets its message as addressed to him from the Creator of the Universe, and goes on a violent rampage, injuring many people around him and ending up in a mental hospital. In the Epilogue, Trout is released from the hospital with a partially severed finger Hoover has bitten it off in his rampage , and is wandering back to the arts festival, which has unbeknownst to him been canceled.

The narrator, who has become an interactive character in the universe of his own creation, watches Trout and then chases him down.

Breakfast of Champions, or Goodbye Blue Monday

He proves that he is the Creator of the Universe by sending Trout all around the world, through time and back. Then he returns to his own universe, presumably, through the "void," while Trout yells after him, "Make me young! Throughout Breakfast of Champions , the reader is introduced to many minor characters as if they are major characters; the narrator points out that he means to write about life, and in life, everyone is as important a character as everyone else.

He believes that the problems of the world can be traced back to humans wanting to live as if they are in a story book; this allows rulers to waste the lives of thousands of "minor" characters, and encourages people to kill one another and themselves for the effect of a dramatic ending.